Legal Online Poker For Hawaii Residents

Hawaii is more or less a poker-friendly state especially when it comes to legal Hawaii online poker because it is played in the home. While there are some laws meant to keep money laundering and illegal gambling under control, regular players can safely enjoy a game of poker, provided certain conditions are met. The state's Criminal Code states that "a person commits a felony if he or she knowingly participates in a gambling activity" (and may be charged with misdemeanor), but there are several exceptions to the rule.

Is Online Poker Legal In Hawaii?


There are no state laws that specifically prohibit Hawaii residents to play poker online. In fact, online gambling is regarded as being in line with social gambling – if you do it from the privacy of your home then no one cares. So yes, it is perfectly fine for Hawaiians to play online poker as long as it done so in a private environment.

Legal Online Poker Sites For Hawaii Residents

Most, if not all poker rooms will accept Hawaiians. However, we have gone through a huge list of sites, tested each and every one of them and came up with the best of them. So, in no particular order, here are our top picks, together with the winner.

BetOnline Poker - Make A Deposit Using Prepaid Debit + Credit Cards

Take in the sun, lucky resident of Hawaii. Right now you are living the dream; you have sun, fun, and tons of money. What’s that? You haven’t heard about the huge sums of money that are just waiting for somebody to come and take them on BetOnline? Well then today is your lucky day because you have just heard about the best site for online poker in the states. This online poker room for Hawaii residents doesn’t just give away a lot of money in tournaments they give away money to anyone who plays on their site consistently.

Curious? Wonder no more and experience the blinding brilliance of the welcome bonus that BetOnline offers to its new players. You thought the sun shining so bright over Hawaii was a star attraction just wait till you hear this. Right now BetOnline gives 200% of the first deposit you make right back to you. The catch? All you have to do is play plenty of poker, and why wouldn’t you when they have guaranteed tournaments every day that make sure that bonus goes a long way in the right hands. If you want a little extra dough to sweeten paradise a little more, then go to BetOnline now.

SportsBetting Poker - Minimum Of 8K Players; Hawaii Players Accepted

The poker room at SportsBetting is the perfect place for any resident of Hawaii who knows how to look past all the glitz and glamour of other sites and wants to get down and dirty where it matters, on the poker table. Hawaii residents may live in the land of paradise but that doesn’t mean you and your fellow statesmen are a bunch of softies that wouldn’t know a royal flush if it hit them in the face. If you are tired of all the weak sites that are full of people that can barely tell a flush from a full house then head to SportsBetting.

Poker is played for money, everyone knows that. That’s why even though this poker site is more about integrity of the game and its players than it is about the amounts won it still offers a poker room for anyone needing a little extra cash so they can dive back in the fray. The daily tournaments and sit and go games mean big winnings fast. This is good, because the longer you are out of weekly, high stakes guaranteed cash tournaments the longer you are away from the most hardcore, fast paced, card slamming games of poker on the web. These are the most exclusive tables in the U.S and this online poker room for Hawaii residents has gathered players from around the U.S. that claim to be at the very top of their game to play in this room. It falls to you to see if they are the real deal in some of the toughest games of poker you will ever play.

Hawaii Online Poker Laws

Hawaii laws allow the so-called "social gambling", which is defined as a game in which all players have equal chances at winning and the "house" – the organizer of the event – doesn't profit from operating the game. In poker terms, this would mean raking the pot or charging players for attending the game. In addition, no minors are allowed to be present around the poker table.

To make sure a home game falls under this category, the host shouldn't even take small gifts from participants. Even though it can be hard not to accept a six-pack or a bag of chips from your friends, you shouldn't do it if you want to be on the safe side.

Is it Legal to Play Land-Based Poker in Hawaii?

Welcome to the Aloha-State! Land of the Sun and Sea, fire and water living in harmony among the gentle Pacific Ocean. This is a land of happiness and care-free attitudes where most anything goes and the days are happily long and the nights can be even longer still. That is why it is quite surprising to most residents of Hawaii, even with its rich tourism and entertainment industry, that playing the game of poker within this island’s borders is illegal. All games of chance where money is wagered are outlawed and one will never find a casino on its shores without changing current State legislation. This news comes as a shock to many tourists who travel here from the mainland and other countries who want to feel the rush of an American classic card game such as Texas Hold ’em. There is not one legal place to play poker in the state of Hawaii and the only way one may get to shuffle a deck of cards and pitch in a few chips for the ante is by slinking away to a private Hawaiian home behind closed doors. Social gambling is at least legal and left alone by State laws and Hawaii residents and visitors alike may have a poker night in so long as there is no profit from the game and there is no sale of food, beverage or other items during the event. While it is at least a relief that a group can get together for some fun, you’ll have to beware that the spam, poi and pineapple are complimentary upon entering the game.

Where Can One Play Land-Based Poker in Hawaii?

While you’re lying on the beaches of Hawaii, touring an erupting volcano, swimming with sharks, petting dolphins or engaging with the exciting nightlife that the Aloha State has to offer, the thought may or not cross your mind that you just need to play a hand of Texas Hold’ em right that second. Hopefully, the rich and lavish lifestyle of Hawaii will keep your mind at ease that there just isn’t a place to go play a hand, but if the mood says a hand of cards needs to happen, well, an avid player will need to leave all that pacific scenery behind, finish his or hers cocktail and head to the nearest Hawaii residence with a deck of cards. Poker is only legal in the state of Hawaii when played from behind closed doors in a private home. You may not operate a game where profit is made nor buy or sell food, beverage or any other items during the game. If this criteria is met, you may toss the chips into the pot and deal out the cards. Although it should be worth noting, that even the most skilled poker stars in the

United States deserve a vacation and a decent spot to spend their winnings. Hawaii may not host live poker rooms, but it is the most well equipped state in the union to make up for that fact.

Note: We are a group of poker players without juridical background, so the facts presented herein shouldn't be regarded as legal advice. If you need more in-depth information we would strongly advise you to consult with a legal representative.